The Trough. by Judy Brown

There is a trough in waves,
a low spot
where horizon disappears
and only sky
and water
are our company.
And there we lose our way
we rest, knowing the wave will bring us
to its crest again.
There we may drown
if we let fear
hold us in its grip and shake us
side to side,
and leave us flailing, torn, disoriented.
But if we rest there
in the trough,
in silence,
being in the low part of the wave,
keeping our energy and
noticing the shape of things,
the flow,
then time alone
will bring us to another
where we can see
horizon, see land again,
regain our sense
of where
we are,
and where we need to swim.

9 thoughts on “The Trough. by Judy Brown

  1. During this time of Covid 19 in the world so much has been changed forever. So many have died, suffered grief at the loss of loved ones, — and huge losses for each of us in earning a living, getting an education, being in relationships, domestic violence, etc – this poem speaks truth in suffering and hope for a way through — resting, being with, keeping energy, noticing – may it be so that we each and all find “where we need to swim.” Thank you Judy for your poet’s heart and vision.

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  2. Such simple words and imagery. A beautiful poem. One to keep and share with others’ when life throws curved balls.


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